Yabashe Light Up a Mind

The Square Shopping Centre, Mix 93.8, and Yabashe Initiative Launch ‘Light Up a Mind’ Campaign to Aid Learners During Load-Shedding

Load-shedding has been a recurring challenge for many, but its impact is felt more by learners preparing for their exams. Matriculants preparing for finals.

Recognizing the dire need, The Square Shopping Centre in Sunninghill, in partnership with Mix 93.8 and the Yabashe initiative, launched the ‘Light Up a Mind’ campaign.

The campaign’s mission is clear: “Be the light that helps learners study through load-shedding in exam time this year,” said Tracy Sutherland of The Square.  As thousands of students face the potential setbacks of learning in the dark, this initiative takes a stand to provide thousands of rechargeable lightbulbs, ensuring uninterrupted study sessions during power outages, she said.

“Nobody can learn in the dark,” said Mix 93.8 programme manager Sanele Motlana. “And in less fortunate neighbourhoods the impact of load shedding can have lifelong consequences.”

With the ‘Light Up a Mind’ campaign, the partnership aims to light up the path to success for every student affected by these devastating power outages,” said Motlana.

Individuals and organizations are invited to donate rechargeable lightbulbs, available for purchase at most supermarkets and hardware or lifestyle stores and to drop them off at either Mix 93.8’s studios in Midrand or at The Square Shopping Centre in Sunninghill’s management offices. The centre will donate R 50 000 in lightbulbs to supplement public donations.

“Looking after generation next, and nurturing education during a critical, future-determining period helps us help the youth to hedge their bets for a brighter future,” Sutherland said.

Mix 93.8 broadcasted from The Square Shopping Centre on Saturday 14 October and collected additional lightbulbs and handed them over to Yabashe.