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A child born in the late 60s, Caz grew up in the heartland of America in Cleveland, Ohio – the home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

The music of changing eras was the back drop to her life…and runs strong in her soul. She has a passion for the artistry of music and the poetry of spirit that lyrics can convey.

The stories of the artists, the bands, and the musicians fascinate her– and how the music was born of the lives they led. Caz loves to weave a good theme or message through a well- crafted playlist.

She is an active member of the South African music scene, managing the Springs based alternative rock band – The Color Blew. She enjoys hosting band interviews on the show and local rock music is a passion of hers that she loves to share.

She is a woman of many interests and passions. Otherwise, She loves to sing and laugh and paint and read a good book every now and again if she is not out supporting her kids at sporting events or farming in the Free State.

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