Al your Pal

He started his radio career in the early 2000s working on one of the the biggest breakfast shows in Johannesburg.

Besides radio, he is an avid cook – winning Come Dine with Me South Africa.
He also enjoys the more extreme activities life has to offer . From racing Super Bikes, Enduro Riding, racing cars, water sports, skydiving, scuba diving – basically anything that gets his heart beating that little bit faster.

He is also a DJ and Emcee for events and has his own mobile cocktail business.

He has a passion for singing and has had a song in the charts breaking into the S.A Top10

He is also an avid advocate for the South African music scene.

You can catch him on air between 12pm-3pm Monday to Friday on the PowerMix on Mix 93.8


Alexander Leibner

The Sandton Times Hour, a podcast that transitioned into a radio show, has been captivating listeners on Mix 93.8 for a remarkable year. At the helm of this engaging program is none other than Alexander Leibner, the Founder and Managing Editor of The Sandton Times. With its focus on the opulent lifestyle of Sandton and beyond, The Sandton Times Hour has become a staple for those who reside, work, or simply revel in luxury.
With an impressive media career spanning over two decades, Alexander brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the show. Beyond his role as a sought-after keynote speaker and MC, he is also the visionary behind The Sandton Times. Since its inception, The Sandton Times Hour has consistently delivered insightful interviews, expert analysis, and informative discussions spanning a wide array of topics, ranging from business and finance to travel and entertainment. The show prides itself on hosting distinguished guests, including prominent figures from South Africa. CEOs, entrepreneurs, artists, and newsmakers have graced the airwaves, sharing their stories, insights, and experiences with eager listeners.
Alexander’s charismatic personality and quick wit have consistently entertained audiences, leaving them eagerly anticipating each new episode. His ability to engage guests and elicit thought-provoking conversations has been key to the show’s success.
In the world of luxury living, The Sandton Times Hour and Alexander Leibner stand out as beacons of sophistication, offering a unique perspective on the glamour and vibrancy of Sandton and its surrounding areas.

Berneth Koopman

Berneth Koopman was born in Upington, South Africa, and raised in Windhoek, Namibia. Berneth started his radio career at the National Broadcaster of Namibia (NBC) as a co-host on Jeug Joernal and earned his stripes on one of the biggest commercial radio stations in the country doing the lunchtime drive on lounge VIP, where he also holds the title of the presenter of the month on 5 consecutive months.

Koopman relocated to Johannesburg to pursue his studies at Boston Media and started working at TransAfrica Radio as a  presenter on one of the station’s specialty shows called KizoSada. Berneth has worked his way into the industry on several TV shows like Vuzu rich kids and a makeover series on Honey TV. Koopman currently hosts the late-night show on Mix 93.8 from 21:00 -23:00


A child born in the late 60s, Caz grew up in the heartland of America in Cleveland, Ohio – the home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

The music of changing eras was the back drop to her life…and runs strong in her soul. She has a passion for the artistry of music and the poetry of spirit that lyrics can convey.

The stories of the artists, the bands, and the musicians fascinate her– and how the music was born of the lives they led. Caz loves to weave a good theme or message through a well-crafted playlist.

She has been an active member of the South African music scene, managing bands, gigs and frequenting live shows.

She is a woman of many interests and passions. When she isn’t behind the mic or planning a show, she loves to sing and laugh and paint and read a good book every now and again if she is not out supporting her kids at sporting events or farming in the Free State.

Cliff Hocking

Cliff operates as a Management Consultant specialising in the infrastructure and built environment industries in both the public and private sectors.

He’s been involved in the community wherever he has lived and has been a member of Lions International, the biggest and most active service club organisation in the world, for 50 years serving in various capacities at Club, District and International levels during that time.

Cliff has always had an interest in music and during his year of National Service in the S A Army was a drummer in the Services School military band based in Pretoria. He is a typical South African sport loving character and back in the day played representative hockey and cricket.

First got actively involved in radio, which he loves and has a natural passion for, in 2012 and sits on the Board of Directors of the PBO that holds the licence under which we operate as well as presenting the Lions Roar, focussing on community issues, live on Wednesday evenings.  


Damian Schmidt

Damian Schmidt moved from his home town of Port Elizabeth to Jozi back in 2015 to pursue his dream of being on the radio. It took a lot of work and even more early mornings before he made it onto Mix 93.8 ‘s lineup. He’s a laid-back dude with a big love for music and an even bigger love for animals, and you can often find him talking about the downright weird and wonderful things happening around the world.

“You don’t have to be crazy to hang out with me… I’ll train you.”

David Watts

Ever since an injury to his soft palate at the age of 5 where doctors were convinced he would never speak properly if at all for the rest of his life, he has been fascinated by communication in all its myriad forms. He took his passion for communication and learning and started studying what made people effective communicators and why some people were better at it than others.

During this time he came across the technology of NLP, and he was hooked. Yet the urge to use his voice to communicate was getting stronger. Soon he heard of the possible emergence of independent radio in South Africa. This was an opportunity not to be missed.

He attended the Solid Gold Broadcasting Course and was soon working as a presenter on one of the first independent radio stations in South Africa. This was a dream come true, particularly when you think of the little boy who was told he might never speak.

He has gone on to work for several commercial radio stations in the country.

He is currently based in Pretoria where he works from his home-based office and runs his business Watts Digital. He is still in the communication business both online and offline. Online he works in the digital marketing space and offers various courses on self-development.

Aside from his Watts Involved radio Show and Podcast he also hosts and produces several podcasts for various clients in the offline world, he currently offers freelance MC work, voice-overs, corporate voices as well as various communication, personal development, and sales-based training courses.

For bookings or enquiries mail

Graham Alexander

Graham is an Architectural Professional, lecturer, author and entrepreneur with a deep-seated love for design, art & culture.

He’s been intricately involved in the building industry in various ways for most of his life and strives to empower, educate and uplift the profession as a whole.

Graham is an avid reader and likes to get creative in his spare time. As a ‘people’s person’, Graham truly enjoys hosting the show, making new acquaintances and hearing their stories.

Aside from being a real family man, he is a Ferrari super-fan and has an impressive collection of model cars…. predominantly red of course.


Harry Fisher

Music to Harry is the heartbeat of life. It all started aged 6 when he first heard Marvin Gaye’s Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler) on the radio and, since then, he has followed the beat of a funky drummer.
No matter what he has done in life – musician, touring roadie, model, journalist, TV presenter – music has been the soundtrack to that life and now, with the Righteous Sessions on Mix 93.8, he brings his passion for the world of soul, R&B, funk and disco to the airwaves to make everyone’s day just that little bit brighter.

Hein Kaiser

Hein Kaiser has hosted the five times Radio Award-nominated Mix 93.8 360 Brunch on Saturdays and Sundays between 10 am and 1 pm for the past 8 years.

His passion for radio, and Mix 93.8 in particular, is as strong today as it has been since the first edition of the show. Hein started his career as a journalist and wrote for most major daily titles and periodicals in South Africa as well as contributed to select publications abroad.

Hein’s photography credits include news and lifestyle images published across various mediums. Hein has also done several voiceovers, television and video production, scriptwriting, political campaign management for several prominent South African politicians and parties, and theatrical production.

Hein is married to the love of his life Kylie and dad to Cuba. When he isn’t on air Hein works in the aviation and commercial consulting sector and enjoys spending time with his family more than anything.

Henceford Khoza

Henceford is a gentle giant whose passion for radio dates back over 20 years ago. Starting in the debate club and as an MC in high school, he’s a natural entertainer with not only a contagious voice but a smile too. He has been on various radio stations since 1999. Besides his passion for speaking, Henceford has spent many years in corporate in many leadership roles and has received various leadership awards while on weekends, he would DJ, MC or do in-store announcing for a client.

He is also very passionate about mental health and very active in that space. He is involved in various community projects aimed at raising mental and emotional health awareness. He is also an entrepreneur and involved in farming.

Catch him on the weekend every Sunday 10 pm on Soulphisticated Sundays, as he shuts down the weekend in style.

Kamogelo Mogale

KamoGEE ‘The Koolest OG’ Mogale is a ball of energy, an extrovert, open-minded, adventurous sports head, can be random at times & an overall awesome gent that is the proud product of Mahikeng, North West, South Africa. He studied Marketing Management at the University of Johannesburg but, followed a career as a radio personality, MC, voice-over artist & DJ.

He is a FIVE-time South African Radio Award nominee & a North West Media Awards nominee. KamoGEE has been listening to radio from his high school days to date & believes that the medium has evolved from just being an informative platform to full-on entertainment with music leading the way.

Among the forms of media, KamoGEE is a movie fanatic but, music runs through his veins through mixes & combos of music that talk & resonates with him. A constant reminder to himself & that others should remember is that through music & sports, we are one so we all on the same team people!

Kerry Anne

Kerry-Anne has been in the music industry as a manager, promoter, mc, DJ, Brand Ambassador and consultant for 22 years.

Her passions include doing everything possible to promote SA artists and venues and you can catch her doing just that on her gig guides every weekend on The Hangout as well as getting introduced to new artists as well as all the legends on Sundays at 2pm on the Live Sessions.The shows also include the Girl Power Half Hour and Old School Sundays where she’ll be playing you all her favourite golden oldies!

“To be happy or as happy as you can be in life you need good friends, beautiful music and yummy food and always try your best to spread as much love and kindness as you possibly can!” My favourite saying is “Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it” -Roald Dahl

Believe in magic even when you think there isn’t any and believe in yourself even if you feel like others don’t.
Do what makes you happy one dance move or gig at a time, play music loud and dance your face off no matter what you may look like!

You’ll Never Walk Alone

Lauri-leah Momberg

Lauri, or “that chick with the hair” is a Co-Presenter on Your Drive With Damian.

Johannesburg-born, she went on to study and eventually teach photography at Vega.

Her career then veered from boudoir photography, Food styling, and Editorial head to 2nd hand clothing boot sales and she became an English teacher in between.

Always one to say yes, Lauri jumped at her first radio opportunity and the rest is history!

Lesedi Marumo

Lesedi is a Pretoria-born Tswana girl with two left feet but an unwavering love for dancing. She holds a degree in Sport Communication, majoring in Communication and Human Movement Studies,  and she later secured an honours degree in Sport Management. After some years of working in Sports administration, her heart led her back to Radio, which she considers her enduring love. She embarked on her journey at Radio Today. 

Whether delving into current affairs or indulging in lighthearted banter,  Lesedi thrives on engaging conversation. She is fueled by coffee, perpetual singing, and a passion for travel.

Warning: Watching a sports game with Lesedi comes with its own soundtrack—her spirited cheers might make you believe that the players can hear her.


In 1994, Luisfelipe crossed paths with Ian Logan, a TV Presenter, at Pick & Pay Steeldale in Johannesburg. Back then, Ian Logan was a DJ and broadcaster. As a young enthusiast, Luisfelipe would visit Ian’s Studio every afternoon to witness his on-air performances, which captivated him from the start.

With a musical background and training from Unisa, Luisfelipe began his journey as a DJ, entertaining at school functions and mobile events.

In 1998, Luisfelipe relocated to Durban, KZN, where he seized his first opportunity at Club Calico Jacks. As the years passed, Luisfelipe graced the stages of all the prominent commercial clubs in Durban, including Red Dog, Joe Cools, Crowded House, Cloud 9, Bonkers, Cantorino’s, Roman Lounge, and The Lounge, among others.

As a professional DJ, Luisfelipe aimed to establish his own brand. Consequently, he transitioned away from the commercial scene and delved into the realm of Rave and Underground Clubs. This decision led him to perform alongside renowned DJs such as Sam Boylan (330), Martin McHale (330), and gain a residency at Club Traxx in Durban.

Throughout his career, Luisfelipe shared the stage with accomplished DJs like Derrick The Bandit (5FM), DJ Shane (AD’s), DJ Gordon (AD’s), Lisa Lashes (UK), Steve Soco (UK), Trever Williams (ECR), Mark Gillman (5FM), Mark Pilgrim (5FM), Alex Jay (5FM), Barney Simon (5FM), and many others.

Mo G

With 21+ years in the Radio industry, MoG is the guy you want to drive home with.

Starting his journey on 5FM doing six shows a week, moved to 947 then to Radio 2000 for the breakfast show. He also had a contract with FIFA to document the legacy of 2010. He then joined Kaya FM where he won the best weekend show for the radio awards, then moved to Metro FM where he had the second biggest show on listenership. With all his experience he brings fun, energy, and laughter to your afternoons.

Lundi Khoisan

Lundi Khoisan’s media journey started in 2009.

This proudly South African and bilingual presenter describes herself as down-to-earth, hails from Wellington in the Boland and is now based in Gauteng.

Lundi Khoisan hosts Lêkke’ Mornings on Mix, weekdays between 09:00 and 12:00. She is also an MC, TV presenter on kykNET’s Fiësta (Silwerskerm-nominated) and is a part-time Radio & TV-presenting lecturer at the University of Pretoria’s Drama Department.

Her radio experience includes community- and commercial broadcasting, radio drama experience at the state broadcaster, voice-acting on numerous e-Extra TV-soapies and marketing and sales experience at one of the country’s most prominent radio sales houses.

Lundi Khoisan holds a BDram Honours degree from the University of Stellenbosch and qualifications from the Wits Radio Academy, AAA School of Advertising and VEGA.

Follow her on social media at @Lundi_Khoisan.

Contact Lundi Khoisan for bookings:


Masechaba Kobola

Meet Masechaba, your friendly neighborhood news aficionado! With a voice that commands attention she is your go-to source for all things current events.

Born and bred in small township called Phomolong in Tembisa, Masechaba holds a Diploma in Media Practices majoring in Radio Broadcasting and a DJ101 certificate from Boston Media House an Armed with a witty sense of humor and a flair for dramatic delivery, she transforms even the most mundane headlines into must-watch television.

Dating back to July 2020, Masechaba started her news reading journey at Alex FM, moved to tv and almost 4 years down the line she’s worked her way up as a newsreader/anchor and finds herself back where she started. RADIO !

When Masechaba isn’t charming viewers with her on-screen presence, she’s definitely on your airwaves reading her breath away. She is a seasoned professional with a keen eye for detail and a commitment to delivering news with accuracy and integrity.

With her at the helm, you’re in for a wild ride through the headlines!

Max Savioli

Max started his entertainment career at 17 years old when he was a balloon modeler and stilt walker at various parties as well as a DJ for a few backyard garage parties.

Once he was finished with the South African Defence Force in 1991, He spent some time at the 5 FM studio and also the 94.7 Studio where he fell in love with radio.

In 1993, he started his first show at MWR FM and then went on to the other various stations that he worked for as well as having worked for Sun International as an MC and was also part of a few movies and TV series including Platinum, Ghost in the Darkness, Egoli, 7de laan, Tarzan in Africa,

Max’s career has spanned over a few elements, including TV, Radio,Voice-overs, Club DJ, Instore announcing and presenting

He has also written and presented radio presenting courses as well as sales courses.

“Radio is about what you can do to try and serve your community, it’s about how you can try and use your voice to help others”

Mosa Kaiser

Mosa Kaiser is a qualified actress, award nominated radio and TV presenter, she holds a BADA Honours Degree from the University of the Witwatersrand and is a brand and professional host/MC Hosting TEDX University of Johannesburg and University of South Africa. By day Mosa runs the Voice, Commercial and Endorsement department at the internationally renowned agency and talent management MLA.

Mummy Makoni

A fun-loving, passionate go-getter with a zest for life, love and current affairs. Radio is her first love, her happy place. Along with coffee.

Having obtained a BCom Accounting Degree at the University of Johannesburg, her introduction into radio was no mistake. Her gift of the gab and love for public speaking persuaded her to audition for radio news reading at UJFM while in her third year of studies and she has never looked back. Fast forward to 2017, she obtained her Advanced Radio Certificate at the Wits Radio Academy. 14 years working in the radio space and she is still in love with being behind the microphone, delivering quality news bulletins and traffic updates. Catch her on Breakfast with Blewitt, weekdays 6 am to 9 am.

Mike Catterson

Michael Catterson has a long history of on air experience and comes with a personality full of energy and light hearted humour.

He is extremely passionate about his family and the only thing he enjoys more than throwing Sam under the bus during the show, is long weekends spent in the bush.

Wildlife and holidays are another two huge passions of Mike’s and that is exactly what you can expect from Travel Tuesdays with Mike and Sam.

That is all packaged together with a whole playlist of feel-good music.

Nkuli Daniso

Nkuli Daniso is a young, ambitious broadcaster, who started radio at the tender age of 14 in Klerksdorp. He then moved to Joburg, where he joined the Wits campus radio station as a weekend breakfast host. 
Nkuli is crazy about broadcasting at large and has hosted a number of youth TV shows including Geleza Nathi on SABC 1 and Mindset TV.
He is excited to bring his big personality and contagious laugh to the Mix 93.8 listener. 

Nokulunga Ngcobo

Nokulunga Ngcobo is a 21-year-old award-winning radio presenter currently doing her final year in public relations and communication at the University of Johannesburg. Passionate about sports, she has a positive attitude towards life, is always willing to learn from others and is ready to take on new adventures.

Pablo Mark Lundall

Renowned as a Professional Producer/DJ under the moniker Weston & Engine, Pablo is a pivotal figure in the music and entertainment industry. His journey spans a rich tapestry of roles: as Co-Founder and Partner at OFF Centre Agency, a Talent Agency representing South Africa’s top electronic music talent on the precipice of greatness; as the visionary behind EL Momento SA, a groundbreaking experimental boutique festival that pushes boundaries; and as Co-Founder and Partner at WE R Records, a dynamic Record Label shaping the music landscape.

Since 2007, Pablo has immersed himself in diverse facets of the industry, curating a comprehensive portfolio that encapsulates every aspect of the scene. His commitment to each project he undertakes defines him—a professional DJ and producer, a community leader, a promoter, and a visionary. His involvement in any concept is a testament to his unwavering belief in its potential.

At OFF Centre Agency, alongside his esteemed partner Guy Herman, Pablo cultivates a platform for South Africa’s finest DJs and producers. The agency stands as a springboard for these artists, propelling them onto the grandest stages nationally and establishing their global footprint through groundbreaking music releases.

An aficionado in event orchestration, Pablo co-owns and founded the avant-garde El Momento boutique festival, a testament to his innovative approach. He collaborates with some of South Africa’s premier shows—from the likes of It’s Personal, Oasis, Sunburn, and Wonder to Ultra Fest. Additionally, the Off Centre Agency continues to elevate its stature, revolutionizing showcases and introducing novel concepts nationwide by featuring iconic artists from across the globe.

Under the guise of Weston & Engine, Pablo partners with Sean Phillips as a prolific DJ duo. Their decade-long journey has seen them release across diverse international music hubs such as Berlin, Serbia, the U.K., and Ukraine. Their versatility has propelled them to secure 13 global top 100 positions across House, Minimal, Deep Tech, and Melodic House and Techno genres. They grace the stages of renowned festivals including Rocking the Daisies, H20, It’s Personal Picnic, Rage, Lush, Mieliepop, We Love Summer, and Oppi Koppi, among others.

Sam Heystek

Always up for a good laugh, the queen of puns. A woman with wanderlust and a full on chocoholic. Balance is key for Sam, work hard and play hard.

One with nature and obsessed with the stars, she is an adrenaline junkie.

She is happily married to her best friend and the mum to two fur babies, her ‘real’ job is a successful saleswoman for BitCo.

Sean Brokensha

Sean has worked in radio, television and live entertainment since the mid 80’s. He has written, produced and directed media broadcast on DSTV, BBC, SABC and ETV. For the past two decades he has presented radio and TV shows specifically about music, and its relationship with our everyday lives and broader global issues, on a variety of platforms, including 702, SAFM, Cape Talk, Mnet Mzani and ETV.

Sean also consultants for the film and advertising industry, for example on the international production of ‘A Long Walk to Freedom’. He works as a copywriter to the music industry, which encompasses biographies, press releases and liner notes.

He has been a Judge and copywriter for The Backing Vocalist and Session Musicians Awards since 2015. Sean has also lectured radio production and presentation at the Tshwane University of Technology.

He presented the regular `Musicguru’ feature, which ran on Talk Radio 702 for 18 years, and was a Solid Gold presenter. Sean still is a feature on Cape Talk, and hosts Sean Brokensha’s Musicguru Mix, on Mix 93.8, every Saturday and Sunday afternoon.

The shows are theme -based, in which the listeners choice plays a significant role.

Sean is also a live entertainer, public speaker and MC, with a wide diversity of corporate, school, private and theatre audiences. He has lectured radio production and presentation at the Tshwane University of Technology.

Ultimately, driving these various endeavours has always been Sean’s passion and repute – the captivating telling of a well-crafted story.

Siya Sangweni

Siya Sangweni – told to sit down and be quiet as a kid, now he stands up and speaks for a living. He is a charismatic and vibrant broadcaster, MC, speaker and communications consultant; with more than a decade of media experince whether behind the scenes or in the spotlight. And as 2013’s “Best Speaker in KZN,” he regularly takes to the stage as a MC, and is one of the head judges for the PRISM Awards – SA’s top PR awards – and the SA Style Awards.

Toni Williams-Najoe

Talk about a dynamite? Meet Toni Williams-Najoe, the dynamic and passionate broadcaster who has been lighting up the airwaves for the past decade and starting her journey only at 18. Using her education “ Bachelor of Arts degree in Media, Communications, and Culture” to back her career up, you can never go wrong with this seasoned journalist. With her unwavering dedication to the craft, there’s no doubt that Toni will continue to make waves in the industry for years to come – now as the leading lady of news on The Mix Drive With Mo G.

Tony Blewitt

Tony Blewitt started his radio career in England where he worked for several commercial stations, including a “great spell” in Luxembourg from where he broadcast to the U.K. on Radio Luxembourg 208.

He was head-hunted (along with the rest of his body) in 1988 by Capital Radio, Transkei, and having transferred to South Africa, he became that station’s prime-time presenter, which stints included 21⁄2 years as a music manager and Breakfast Show host.

5fm lured him away to front the nationwide PM drive, increasing the audience by 47% in his first survey there. He then took over the Breakfast Show and the morning 09h00–12h00 show, representing, all-in-all, 7 years on the country’s biggest National.

For over four years, Tony Blewitt hosted the highly popular PM drive show on 94.7 Highveld Stereo, after which he joined Classic fm to anchor the audience-catching Afternoon Drive, and in August 2004, Tony assumed the mantle of the station’s biggest daily program, “Classic Breakfast”.

Now presenting “Breakfast with Blewitt” on Mix 93.8. Which has won 4 MTN Radio Awards and 1 Liberty Radio Award. Also inducted into “The Hall of Fame” in 2015.

Best Breakfast Presenter and Best Breakfast Show, for 2012 and Best Breakfast Show 2014. Finalist in all categories since the inception of the awards. Best Breakfast Show Presenter 2018.

Tony also presents “That Absolute 80’s Radio Show” on OFM, broadcasting to Central South Africa every Sunday at 9 am.
Weekly shows on 2 Radio Stations in the U.K.

Tony’s foray into “the box” has included presentations for Revue Plus, Blewitt’s Music Biz Quiz and Blewitt’s Movie Biz Quiz on SABC TV; 2 Grammies specials on M-Net; “Where In The World Is Tony?” on SABC and “What a Lovely Pair on M-Net”.

Tony Blewitt presented “Tech Talk” on Summit TV and CNBC Africa presented “The Gadget Man”, which featured all aspects of technology, new developments, and product launches in the world of IT, “Blewitt’s Bits and Bytes” was on BBC World every Saturday morning at 8:40 during “Click”.

Tlou Ramphele

Taking on all sports he could to stay in shape and get some much-needed teenage confidence. Right up until varsity level, Tlou competed in everything from football to rugby to athletics to (his first love) combat sports.
Tlou left high school, started throwing parties, and somehow ended up in a queue where thousands of aspiring broadcasters auditioned to be part of the next generation of superstars. The sports broadcaster was born. four radio stations and 14 years of adventures later, The Only Tlou is back in the ‘ring’ with Your Drive With Lauri and Damian.