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richard chemaly

Born and bred in Bloemfontein on a diet of cynicism, questionable literature and his mom’s Lebanese delicacies, this little boy, disguised as a sane adult, takes pleasure in knowing that the world is wrong and pride in proving it.

“Chem” to those who know him makes his way through the world as an entertainment and media lawyer but has always been connected to radio through his home campus station, KovsieFM. It was there that he developed a high school radio internship project, accumulated the station’s only radio award nominations and took a gig lecturing media ethics.

His presenting side took on a life of its own. From MCing gigs to stadium announcing and the things in between, he’s got talent and sincerity being in front of a mic.

He’s avidly out to seek and play with new knowledge so seeing him giving legal opinion in the media is commonplace alongside his weekly column in The Citizen. You may even see him walking in the streets looking confused, phone in hand. That’s not him being crazy. He’s just addicted to this treasure hunting hobby called geocaching.

True to his ethos of “proving the world wrong since 1989” Richard does not take up a project unless he can mould it to, in some awesome way, improve something. His goal at MixFM 93.8 is to experiment with different channels of making radio engaging.

Beyond that, Chem fancies himself a storyteller. Whether it’s on affidavit or on air, he believes that if it’s not engaging, it’s not worth telling.

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